Monday, June 16, 2008

Spyderco Knives

The Spyderco "clip-it"pocket knives are a great choice for defense/emergency survival carry knives. They may not be the latest,greatest thing , but they have a long proven track record and are built rock solid while at the same time being very lightweight and low profile.Pictured are my Calypso(top), Endura(middle)and my Delica. My Delica sees the most carry due to my hometown limiting the legal blade length to 3".
                               I prefer the ambidextrous thumb hole over a knob(which can catch/break)for one hand opening. I also like the "thumb ramp"although many will argue that it will not provide enough leverage for a direct thrust(I disagree), it does add much for feel and control. A liner lock is easier to close one handed and tactically one hand opening is more important than one hand closing , I can still close my lock back spydercos one handed by unlocking bladed and using thigh to press the blade closed(keeping fingers out of the way of course). I also like the serrated "spyder edge"for defense and if it would ever be necesaary to cut a seatbelt etc. in a emergency situation.