Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Glock 19 9mm Luger with NY2 trigger

The 9mm Glock 19 is a superb & versatile handgun that is suitable for home defense as well as concealed carry.It holds 15 rounds of the internationally proven 9mm Luger and is as tough,rust proof and reliable as you can get with it's Tenifer Finish & Polymer construction.Many disagree,but I feel that 9mm is the best overall cartridge for defense purposes since it has fairly mild recoil(fast follow up shots) so it is easy for just about anyone to shoot it well and is by far the most popular and widely available handgun cartridge in the world.Just about every modernized Military in the World today use the 9mm cartridge as their standard issue ammunition of choice.Not just NATO Countries either as the German,Israeli,Russian,Japanese & Austrian Military Forces to name a few all use 9mm handguns as their official sidearms as do all NATO Countries.For those who feel 9mm inadequate or marginal,I have trouble believing Israeli Special Forces are using inadequate arms,so I don't listen to the "you have to have a .40/.45 "crowd.Gabe Suarez of Suarez International & Warrior Talk has "fully committed"(only handgun caliber uses)to the 9mm and it's always a Glock I've seen him using.
If the gun is to be used as a defense firearm,I highly recommend consider having a New York Trigger put on.The New York Trigger is small trigger spring piece made by Glock that only costs dollar or two and increases the pull weight(the pressure needed to pull trigger)by replacing the factory trigger springs.The factory trigger pull is about 5.5lbs,but the NY1 increases the trigger pull to around 8 lbs and the NY2 which runs about 12 lbs. I have the NY2 installed on all three of my Glocks.The NY trigger was designed by Glock at the request of the NYPD to mimic the pull of the Heavy Pull of the DAO Revolver's which their Officers used for so many years.The NY2 pull weight is very similar to that of a DAO Revolver although it is more of a 2 stage Military Type of pull.
I know a lot of people criticize the NY trigger as being too heavy to allow for accurate shooting.There is SOME truth to that in the context of target or match shooting,but we are talking about DEFENSE arms.However,I have read statements that some people claim they shoot their NY trigger Glocks actually better than factory trigger springs.Massad Ayoob outfits all his carry Glocks with NY triggers.In a defense situation,you don't want a light target/match trigger,because in a adrenaline stoked state,it's just too easy to flinch/be startled and have a AD/ND(accidental discharge/negligent discharge)of the firearm. The Glock is similar to a revolver by not having a external manual safety device,but Revolvers have heavy triggers where as the factory Glock does not,so the NY trigger makes sense in defense as well as concealed carry piece.