Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Kubotan

Never has there been a more misunderstood or underestimated self-defense tool than the simple Kubotan.The original Kubotan developed by Karate Master Tak Kubota is nothing more than a five and a half inch long tube like piece of polymer with a keyring.Plastic was used because it is lightweight,doesn't rust & most importantly won't "punch through"an attacker's flesh like a metal pocket stick might.That is also the reason why the end is flat rather than sharpened.

The Kubaton is very effective,but only in the right hands,so training is a prerequisite.It is primary a blunt impact striking weapon,but can also assist is joint locks and the like although I've not personal had much success with it in that respect.The keys can also be used as a flail by holding the Kuboton's body,but I think that is a technique more of opportunity or as a follow-up(reverse motion)to the standard striking method of using the Kubaton itself to vulnerable target area's such as pressure points & vital/weak spots of Human anatomy.Tak Kubota's website is the IKA Karate link for more info on Instructional material for the Kubotan.