Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Non-Lethal Force Carry Options

Some states don't allow concealed carry of firearms,so alternatives must be used for defensive purposes.Number one on anybodies list should be a flashlight.Even if you carry a firearm,a light is necessary to be able to identify the threat in low lighting situations(which most defense situations occur).If the light is sufficiently bright enough(say 65 Lumens or more),then the light can also be used to blind the assailant.I recommend Surefire brand as they have a long well established track record of making dependable lights.They do cost more,but are well worth it.
Pictured is my Surefire LED Defender.Not only does it give off a scorching 120 lumens of light,but it also has a "strike bezel"so that the light can also be used an impact/striking tool.The light also has a low setting of 5 lumens for ordinary tasks where you don't need a lot of blinding white light.The LED Defender runs about $150
Also,pictured is the Surefire G2 with a "combat ring"(also from Surefire)attached.The ring allows for greater versatility and retention of the light.It's main purpose is for using in conjunction with a firearm,but can come in handy in other situations as well.The G2 can be had for around $40
On the right is a picture of a Mace brand clip on unit which is great alone,but I feel it should be used in conjuntion with other weapons.The clip is nice as it allows carry just about anywhere on the body.I usually carry mine clipped on my waistband or inside my jacket pocket depending on the weather.I recommend carrying it on the weak side of the body to allow the strong hand(dominant hand) to be used for an impact weapon,knife or for striking.