Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Smith & Wesson 640 Centennial

Most consider the S&W 640 one of the great concealed carry handguns of all time,but I'd also add that it is one of the best Home Defense as well.The enclosed hammer design of the Smith Centennials doesn't allow for the gun to be "cocked"(intentionally or accidentally)thereby creating a "hair trigger".This is a good thing in a defense situation when the adrenaline is flowing and your nerves are primed.The enclosed hammer also means the gun could be fired from a coat pocket or if the gun was caught up in a bed sheet,bathrobe etc,which is a real possibility in a night-time home invasion.The Centennial frame allows for a greater diversity of grips(esp higher for greater recoil control)and there's no external hammer to worry about getting your thumb pinched by. There's no doubt/question about Striker/Firing pin status with a DAO(Double Action Only)gun such as the 640 making it one of the simplest & most beginner friendly gun's available.It's simply pull and shoot.
The 640 comes standard with Uncle Mikes Combat grips & is a five shot .357 Magnum,but will also shoot .38 Special.The Combat grips in conjunction with it being a snubnose revolver & a Centennial Frame(enclosed hammer design)make it one of the most formidable Close Quarter Defensive Firearms because it's feature allow it to function in just about any situation make it one of the most difficult guns to disarm from it's rightful owner(weapon retention). It's not a hunting or long range target gun,but it doesn't need to be nor was it designed for those purposes.It is however plenty accurate for the likely close distances of real world self-defense cases where use of lethal force is legal & justified.