Saturday, May 16, 2009

Urban Rifle

While I am of the belief that the handgun will serve you just fine in the vast majority of likely defense scenarios you might encounter,it never hurts to have a long- gun handy.Enter the "Urban Rifle".The UR is basically any compact Rifle or Carbine that is suitable for use at handgun ranges while being more powerful and accurate and will allow you to "reach out" when longer shots are called for as well as for pseudo-sniper defense applications.
The AR-15/M4 family is probably the most prevalent representation in the US that fits the description of Urban Rifle although elsewhere the AK line is much more dominant Worldwide.The 5.56 NATO/.223 round ,while not an extremely powerful round or suited in any fashion to big game hunting,it may be ideal for use in heavily populated area's where the UR comes into it's own.The 5.56 is a very flat shooting and intrinsically accurate cartridge that doesn't over penetrate as many of the larger rifle rounds would.This quality is very ammo dependent,but any 5.56 hollow point and esp. Hornady TAP will fragment when hitting even relatively soft barriers, so you don't have to worry about it going through walls or into your neighbors house so much.The AR/M4 line is very accurate itself,ergonomic and aftermarket accessories are very abundant & available.

Pictured is my Smith & Wesson M&P 15.It is the OR(optics ready)model and I added LMT front sight & carry handle, but I can easily switch to folding sights or an optic if I chose, so I recommend the OR version for that reason.In the sub-division that I live in, the handgun is the most practical tool overall , as it would be rather shocking to my neighbors for me to step outside with an "EBR"(evil black rifle), whereas a compact Glock or Smith J-Frame in the pocket goes unnoticed.I do keep the Rifle along with a modified Remington 870 at the ready in our "safe room" and they would be my go-to guns in any civil unrest situation.