Thursday, November 5, 2009

Defense TV recommendations

The Outdoor Channel has some very good shows for defense minded people & the gun enthusiast on Wednesday nights. American Guardian & The Best Defense(featuring Michael Janich & Rob Pincus) are my two favorites.Personal Defense TV(Mas Ayoob,Clint Smith & others) used to be on Outdoor,but they moved it to the Sportsman Channel.I don't even know when it's on,but I always just order the seasons on DVD on the Intermedia Outddors website.If you go to and go the the Store,you'll find DVDs of PDTV there for $19.95.I recommend getting only the full seasons since the "special" are just clips from various episodes.Best Defense DVDs are available at Stay Safe Media or from Pob Pincus' site.
Shooting Gallery also frequently ventures beyond guns and into full spectrum self-defense.Shooting USA will sometimes have defense oriented info especially their "Pro-Tips" which can be read online at their site.