Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get some Class

I'm watching the "Ultimate Fighter" on Spike TV last night and was once again disgusted by the tattooed,knuckle dragging dregs of society that now form the bulk of Mixed Martial Artists.There are still a few guys out there such as GSP,Randy Couture,Machida and few others who can actually carry on a civilized conversation & display some form of intellect & class ,but they are by far the exception in today's MMA.
When the UFC first appeared in the early 90's,the anti-social types were in the minority by far.People like David "Tank"Abbott where just not that common,but it seems that low life's such as him are now the majority. Since Dana White and Zuffa took control of the UFC & mainstreamed it,there has been a definite WWE feeling to it IMO.They now market to the same people who spend all Saturday afternoon watching Pro-Wrestling & Nascar.
I'm a very athletic guy,but I can't tolerate mainstream sports and can't fathom why someone would want to sit around & watch Football, Basketball or Baseball all day long . I've never understand why these guys get paid so much to do such worthless activities while at the same time act like immature pouty cry babies.Sport is a competitive social event designed for entertainment,it's not about survival or War,so why do so many people get so worked up about simple games. Where in life outside of Professional Sports will these skills translate into anything worthwhile? The guys who crossover into MMA are served well by their physicality & athleticism,but would be so anyway,it has nothing to do with specific sports themselves. Fighting & the need for defense has been around since the dawn of time & will always be needed for survival.How long has Basketball or Football been around and how long will they be in the future?
I have great disdain for MMA jock types such as Matt Hughes & Brock Lesnar.It goes to show you that the UFC is truly a Sport & not actual combat or true defense.Unarmed fighting is really just a small part of the totality of the reality based arts & the UFC has far too many rules for the dynamics of the fights to translate into real world fights let alone the absence of your attacker being armed.
Humans beings dominate the planet due to our intellect & our ability to design/operate tools & weapons. I don't know of any Men that I would give much of a chance trying to take out a Bear,Gorilla or Lion with their Bare hands or that could run as fast as a Cheetah,race horse or even a greyhound,so pure Human physicality or athletic ability doesn't impress me all that much.
You attack me or my Family & I will do anything it takes to protect & defend.I don't care one bit about chest thumping or primal ego which will only impede rationale thinking and effective application of tactics. I miss the class of Royce Gracie & the whole Gracie Family who tried to make the UFC an event to test ones skills and compare styles of unarmed combat in a floor mat that was as close to an unarmed street altercation as they could get it and conducted themselves in a civilized manner while always showing respect to their opponents(it is still "sport"after all,not War) .While it was a long way from being "true" self-defense,the Gracie UFC era came a lot closer and had a lot more class than the joke that the UFC has now become.