Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gear for Reality Based Training

There is a lot of good training gear and equipment that can aid those intertested in reality based defense. While live reactive and Force on Force training is great it doesn't always allow the participants to go full force/full contact safely and that's where you need training gear to fill in the gap. Heavy bags etc. are great tools, but some of the newer products bring some added realism to training. The Reality Based Impact head pictured above is a better alternative to focus mitts in getting the feel of hitting a human head just as the B.O.B(Body opponent Bag)is compared to a standard heavy bag.The RedMan suit lets you go harder during live person drills, but will not allow true 100% contact safely.Tony Blauer sells a similar suit. ASP makes good padded training batons for realistic impact weapon simulations and ASP makes a "redgun" which is very similar to the Blue guns pictured above.Title Boxing has an excellent grappling dummy on which you can practice full force throws,slams & stomps etc. and I&I sports makes a fighting man dummy which you can harness to stand up and can actually hold weapons in it's hands.