Sunday, January 17, 2010

Glock Swap

One of the great things about Glock Pistols is that so many parts are interchangeable.The magazines of the larger models in a given caliber will work in the smaller models.There is also a wide array of aftermarket conversion barrels available that allow you to shoot a different caliber in the gun you already have by simply swapping out the barrel, but I myself am not all that comfortable with doing so with aftermarket parts, at least not with crucial operating parts.I do like the Pearce grip extensions for sub-compact Glocks.

However,there are two Glock models where all that is needed to fire a different caliber is a barrel swap and that is the .40S&W & .357 Sig Glocks.These are the only two models where you can simply change factory barrles and fire the other cartidge.Glock customer service said all you have to do to fire .40S&W in on of their .357's or .357 in their .40's os to change the barrel.Making sure that they are of the same model size(standard,compact or subcompact).

So, if you purchase a Glock in .40, all you have to do is buy a factory barrel in .357 Sig to fire that cartridge or vice versa.It's like having two guns in one.