Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Power Slap

If you have ever been slapped really hard in the ear, you know just how disorienting it can be. Now let's take that concept and make it into a powerful, intentional focused attacked.There are many circumstances when a punch or other striking technique is not possible or appropriate.Perhaps you don't have the angle or leverage to deliver a powerful strike. This usually occurs when your on the ground and have an opponent on top of you. In this situation you may be deliver a powerful stiff arm palm slap to the side of the head/ear. The main purpose is to give you enough room to get out/up by stunning the opponent.It could even rupture the eardrum or knock them out or even incapacitate them enough to allow finishing the fight, but I wouldn't count on it.

The strike itself is delivered with a stiff, relatively straight arm although degree of bend depends on the angle & distance.The fingers should be slightly bent and flexed.Striking surface is you palm and if targeting the ear, try to land the center of your palm right on their ear hole.You can also target the Jaw hinge, temple and above the ear.The power slap is probably not a technique you would use a lot in most self-defense scenario's,but you never know,so no harm in being familiar with it.Just another technique and tool to add to your defense toolbox.