Saturday, January 23, 2010


        Preparanoia is a term I heard from Michael Janich that he applied to people who "over prepare" in the sense that they try to prepare for every contingency that could happen(however unlikely) rather than focusing on the ones that are likely to happen. If you live in Downtown Chicago, I wouldn't be too worried about a Grizzly Bear Attack and therefore to devote time and resources preparing for it would be  unnecessary/ "preparanoia". A guy who lives up in Alaska though, would be perfectly justified in addressing the real threat from Brown Bears and preparing accordingly. You must look at you particular situation, environment and what are the realistic and most likely threats you might face. Those are the ones that you concentrate on rather than spending a lot of time on something that is virtually impossible to happen.
         I'm not saying totally ignore other possibilities, just give them the appropriate time and resources according to their likelihood or actually occurring.