Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't bring a gun to a knife(or fist) fight.

A lot of people have the misconception that simply having a gun in the house or even carrying one on one's person is a solution that will keep them safe from any & all types of violence.A gun is not some magic talisman & there is no magic bullet. According to violent crime statistics, most Civilian self-defense encounters take place 1.) within a 3 feet range 2.) are of a duration of three seconds or less. 3.) Are resolved in 3 rounds or less. What that means is real attacks are up close & personal,very violent & over very quickly.There may simply not be time to draw your carry gun from concealment.In the Home, you may awake to find the intruder standing over you while you are in your bed. On the street you may get suckered punch and find yourself on the ground with a knife wielding assailant on top of you.Even though we might not like it, this is reality.
If you carry a firearm(CCW) or even keep on in the home(possibly by your bedside), then you are saying that you believe a violent attack is a real possibility and that you might have to defend yourself or a loved one.Why carry/own the gun if you don't believe that? The problem is that the vast majority of Civilians who carry or own a firearm do not have the proper training to use the gun.They may go out shooting and become reasonably proficient at shooting targets, but remember that real self-defense happens at contact distances.Even if you get the jump on the bad guy, there is the matter of LEGAL self-defense.If He's that far away, the law requires you to retreat if possible.The perp has to be an IMMEDIATE threat to your life for you to use lethal force and that means he is armed & close with the intent of doing you great harm.That's why you need to become proficient at drawing the firearm from concealment, learn weapon retention techniques if someone grabs your gun and tries to disarm you as well as unarmed techniques and tactics to defend against an attack to get you into position to draw your weapon.If the perp is merely punching at you,then you can't legally pull out your gun & shoot him.Maybe if he's on top of you & stomping your head in,but if you are both able bodied Men,then you'll usually have to thwart his attack by unarmed means.
If the assailant has a knife, he will try to get very close to you before brandishing the knife.If his goal is to "shank" you, then it becomes even more difficult and requires precise situational awareness to not let him get that close.In a close quarter combat situation,the knife is in many ways deadlier than a gun.A gun can be grabbed for a disarm & you can move out of the line of fire or cause a malfunction with a grab, but disarming a knife is much more complex and you may have to employ an unarmed defensive tactic first to even access your gun or own blade. The Man pictured above is Michael Janich and He is one of the best in the business when it comes to real world knife defense & offense. He also teaches effective methods of integrating those unarmed skills that are necessary in CQC to give you the angle,time& distance to draw your own weapon or escape.Massad Ayoob has some great weapon retention techniques that everyone should learn.I have links for both men & I highly recommend looking into their Instructional material. Below is a link for Michael Janich's "Don't bring a gun to a knifefight" article which is on the Personal Defense Network.Also check out Michaels "Martial Blade Concepts" article on the site.There is also some other fine articles by noted Instructor's Rob Pincus,Tony Blauer etc. as well.