Monday, February 15, 2010

Bad Attitudes & Wrestling

Dan Henderson was featured in this months issue of Black Belt Magazine spouting off that Traditional Martial Arts are impractical and don't work in the real world and how MMA fighters represent real fighters and true warriors.
I'm not sure what "real world" Henderson is talking about, but in my World when Men fight they don't go barefoot wearing little spandex shorts and dance around in a little padded cage and then roll around on the ground for 30 minutes all the while having a referee standing over them to make sure nobody gets too big of a boo boo. I'll agree with Henderson that most traditional arts are a far cry from reality combat/defense, but SO ARE MIXED MARTIAL ARTS! Yes, there are SOME elements of sport MMA that translate over into real world defense, but the same can be said of the traditional arts. I usually reserve the term "Warrior" for those who actually do or have engaged in War or are skilled in War. Like members of our Armed Forces.
Does He not realize he is participating in a sporting contest? Merely an unarmed "dual" that has a list of rules so long they fill a whole page? I guess he doesn't otherwise he wouldn't make such asinine comments. Maybe his definition of the real world is schoolyard brawling or maybe the "lets take it outside"scenario in a bar. Mature adults usually outgrow this nonsense by the time they reach College age if they were even so stupid to be involved in it in the first place.
In my real world the bad guys are usually armed and there is often more than one of them at a time. In my world the bad guys want your money, your wife or even your life and will do anything to get it. There is no "tapping out", because there is no referee to intervene since it's a real fight, not a sporting contest. In my world the ground is the worst place to be because you are so vulnerable to having the perp pull out a blade or have his buddies stomp your head into a bloody pulp. In my world I am always armed myself, because I know those who would prey on me & mine will be as well.You try a double leg takedown on them & they will stab you or gouge your eyes out or just flat out shoot you.
Since the Ultimate Fighting debuted back in 1993, I've noticed that it is usually those with a background in Wrestling that have the worst attitudes.You can even go to your local High School or College Wrestling team and it will be filled with smart-ass punks with a chip on their shoulder.Some have a Napoleon/small man complex and participate in wrestling because they are too small to participate in anything other than Wrestling with it's weight classes, but the big guys usually share the same bad attitude.Brock Lesnar is one example,Royce Alger another.Then we have Mark Coleman,Dan Henderson,Dan Severn & probably the biggest little mouthy punk.....Matt Hughes.
I found it extremely humorous when after the Royce fight Hughes said he "flat out out wrestled him". Do they allow arm locks in Wrestling like Hughes did on Royce?How about all those punches from a back mount? In the SPORT of wrestling,your objective is to score points and work toward putting the opponent on their backside.If you simply ride someone or back mount them and stay there has Hughes did, you get called for stalling. Hughes beat Royce with his own techniques, not Wrestling. I'm not at all impressed when a bigger, more athletic guy beats a smaller guy who is not a natural athlete which is what you had with Royce & Hughes. The Gracies(none of whom are big muscular athletic guys) appeal is that they were using techniques and a system to defeat opponents that were bigger,stronger & more physically gifted.
I received great pleasure watching GSP absolutely destroy Hughes in both of their fights.Especially after the Ultimate Fighter show where Hughes conducted himself in his usual manner being an absolute jerk & very disrespectful to GSP.It's not that GSP was doing some new techniques or that he really "knew more" than Hughes , it was just that he's a more gifted physical specimen than Hughes.
Royce is quite frankly a bit naturally awkward even a bit frail, so the fact that he was able to dominant early UFC's is a testament to his system as is the fact that ALL the Gracies & anybody who is trained by them CAN fight.Once the big, strong natural athletes started training in those same techniques,then the dominance by the Gracies themselves came to an end, but that is what Rorion always said would happen & even planned it that way. He said when he first came to America, if Gracie Jiu-Jitsu can allow us(the Gracies) who are skinny & non-athletic to be so effective, imagine what some of the big athletic Americans will be able to do with those techniques.
The Gracies started the UFC and paved the way for everyone else.If it wasn't for them, Matt Hughes would be bailing hay on his farm and working as an assistant at some wrestling program & someone that the public never heard of or cared.Nobody gives a crap about amateur wrestling, so maybe Hughes and his ilk should give the Gracies thanks for giving them a way to make a living instead of mouthing off all the time. The Gracie system itself is not a end all & be all system by any means , but they do show other's respect and are therefore deserving of it in return.
Hughes and those like him earn nothing & deserve nothing except my contempt.It isn't wrestling itself(which has much to offer), but many of it's participates.I'm not sure of all the reasons why, but I if hear someones a Wrestler I can usually expect him to have an attitude problem.