Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are you overpreparing?

One thing to consider in developing & training in reality based defense is what specifically to actually train to defend. First, you want to look to see if there are common attacks that one is likely to encounter in a defense scenario.Second, you want to utilize effective techniques that can applied to a broad number of defenses in a flexible manner.
With unarmed attacks, your likely to encounter a limited amount of techniques thrown your way.Since most people are right handed,you can expect a lot of over- hand, right- handed punches being thrown at your head(most common target).You can also expect the "grab(your shirt or lapel)& hit".Shoving/pushing is also likely to be encountered as are headlocks(with punching to the face/head, charging or tackling attacks.You must know how to deal with momentum and to receive & repel force. Kicking is also common(usually a front kick),but also stomps if you are grounded.These are the most common gross motor skills attacks that your likely to face in a real world unarmed assault.With MMA being so prominant in the media now, techniques people see on these events are now much more likely to be encountered.Don't expect a pro-MMA fighter to attack you, but rather the untrained & uneducated which is reflected in the methods that are most commonly seen.
When multiple opponents & knives & guns enter into the picture,then it gets a lot more dangerous & unpredictable, but there are still specific attacks that are common.With knives it if the attack is front on, then it will likely be an overhand("psycho")attack or perhaps a slashing movement across your body or straight thrust to the body. A gun attack will either take the form of either the assailant wanting to rob you(a"stick up") or an actual shooting.I recommend complying with the robbery unless your certain they are about to shoot you or they try to take you some where.A shooting implies some distance between you and the shooter and that they have simply entered your area and opened fire.In this case, the key will always be Movement.Movement to not give the shooter a stationary target to hit and movement to cover or concealment or if possible escape which is the ideal. Avoidance, de-escalation or escape are always the first & most effective response,but if you have to fight to protect yourself or your Family,then you need to know what to expect while still being ready for the unexpected.