Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Army's new Combatives Manual

This is Paladin Press' "exact" duplicate of the U.S. Army's FM 3-25.150 & is the current Combatives in use by the Army.That in itself would make most think that it must contain some very effective top notch Battle proven hand-to-hand combat tactics & techniques otherwise the Army wouldn't be using it , right?
In this case, I hate to say that just isn't the case.The bulk of the Manual is composed of simplified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the assertion made that going to the ground on the Battlefield is somehow a good idea.It's odd that it shows multiple ground techniques and tactics for taking the fight to the ground,but nothing for avoiding going to the ground.Later on in the book it states that most Battlefield hand-to-hand situations will involve multiple people.Hmm?Then why would they advocate getting wrapped up in a groundfight?
It's not even an "open" style of grappling,but rather just pure BJJ and it's not really in the proper context for it's intended use. There are other elements in other parts of the manual(drawings) on weapons & striking,but I believe much of it is older material and they are in no way integrated with the BJJ nor is the BJJ modified in such a way to be suitable to War conditions.There is a small segment by Larsen on strikes and some basic defense against various holds etc.,but is overshadowed by far by the BJJ. The Gracie Family had direct input on this info and I assume we're given near free discretion on determining what's effective.Just as in the Gracie Material THERE IS NO OPTIONS FOR AVOIDING GOING TO THE GROUND! No sprawling,no takedown defense whatsoever.
I'm a big fan of the Gracies and their system should be studied & incorporated into any ones personal system of defense, but you also have to understand it's limitations and that the techniques don't apply to all situations and or may need modification.Not giving any options for avoiding going to the ground is complete lunacy.
There is some solid information in this manual,but it's just not complete and simply not suitable for it's intended role of Military Combatives.