Friday, March 5, 2010

Blow before the Throw

Anytime you need to execute a take-down, throw or sweep in a self-defense situation, it is usually prudent to set it up with some sort of striking technique.This has become the norm in MMA competition as it's very hard to shoot in or clinch someone from the outside without first using some kind of entering technique(s).
In the street, the goal is to stun or "soften up" the assailant to allow the throw/takedown be done without much resistance from the opponent allowing for an escape of finishing techniques(especially stomps & kicks which are not allowed in MMA).In a self-defense situation, since you do not want to be on the ground,there are very limited times in which you would want to initiate a takedown due to the fear of the opponent wrapping you up and dragging you down with them.This is why the set up becomes even more crucial in a street defense situation.However, a throw, takedown or sweep might be a very effective & unexpected counter to a bum rush style attack or a large opponent who tries to use their mass/weight by crashing into you or smothering you.In these cases there may not be time or the proper angle for a set-up strike,but then again it may not be needed if the technique is unexpected & is not telegraphed.They essentially close the entering distance for you.If you can get a strike in there or get off line and get the proper angle to execute it, then all the better.
The key to remember is to remain mobile & open & that means staying away from methods that will likely put you on the ground with your attacker. So, therefore the clinch isn't usually a good idea(weapon risks as well ) & neither is any kind of fully committed wrestling type shoot.Instead, hit first, then reap the legs out or sweep/trip & remain standing to escape or finish the encounter.