Saturday, March 13, 2010

Massad Ayoob

Massad Ayoob has been a leader in the Firearm Community & to Self-Defense exponents for more than 3 decades.He has been a top Instructor,Writer & and Innovator that stays on the cutting edge and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.I've been on multiple forums and talked to various Instructors that make statements or portray "Mas" as someone who is no longer relevant or is using outdated or is teaching obsolete methods.I don't know where some of these guys get their information, but nothing could be farther from the truth.
Many Force on Force advocates(of which I'm one of) call Mas a "square range guy", but Mas has been doing Force on Force for most of his career, He just calls it scenario & reality based training. Many have claimed that Mas is not up on the latest methods developed in modern Competitions. Again, this is blatantly false as even though He is in his sixties, Mas continues to compete in many prominent shooting competitions a year and still winning. But,Mas makes always makes the distinction between sport shooting & combat which many critics of his do not.Many criticize Him for being overly concerned with the legalities of the lethal use of force, but it is real easy to find yourself serving a life sentence by responding inappropriately to an attack, so these considerations cannot be underplayed. Many trainers of a certain age will fall into a rut and simply recycle old material and teach the same old stuff year after year, but Mas is ever receptive to new technology and new techniques. He is the eternal student as everyone should be. Also, just because a method is old doesn't make it obsolete.JUst about every technique used in the UFC/MMA competition is very old.The Greeks were doing all of the techniques used in modern mixed martial arts hundreds if not thousands of years ago in their "Pankration" events. Although new training science, nutrition,equipment & science have enhanced these methods,much is still the same as it was in the distant past. Mixed Martial Arts is in reality, old news & just "rediscovered" when the UFC hit mainstream.But,I'm getting off topic now,so back to Mas........
Massad Ayoob is an authentically a nice guy. Perhaps that is why many wannabes "throw bombs" at Him since they know He won't stoop to their level. Many are simply jealous of his success or the respect that so many give him.Mas is one of the few prominent Instructor's that is really accessible & goes out of his way to help his students and followers of his material. I don't always agree with Him(nor do I with any one person or Instructor on everything), but I credit Mas with building my Foundation in Firearm defense & will always be grateful to him for openly sharing his knowledge.