Thursday, April 29, 2010

M-Pro 7 Weapon Care System

I've been exclusively using M-Pro 7 products to clean and maintain my guns for the past few years and the stuff is fantastic. The product I primarily use is the CLP(Cleaner/Lubricant/Protectant)which is essentially a 3 in 1 Oil. The Military uses,and I used to use, Break-Free CLP and I'm of the opinion that the M-Pro 7's CLP performance is every bit just as good.
The big difference is that the M-Pro 7 CLP is non-toxic and the Break-Free CLP is some pretty nasty & stinky stuff.M-Pro 7 is made by Pantheon Chemical & has virtually no odor and the Chemist I spoke with at Pantheon said you could probably drink the stuff(although not recommended). It is non-harmful, non-carcinogenic and there are no harsh warnings on the label like most gun cleaners. Pantheon chemical also make Hoppe's Elite Gun care products after they were approached by Hoppe who were wanting to market a "Green" line of gun care products.
           A lot of individuals still use Hoppe's 9 and the like mainly because that's simply what they grew up on and are familiar with. These old cleaners as well as BF CLP are some nasty,toxic & stinky stuff that don't work any better or as good as M-Pro 7, so why expose yourself to all those nasty chemicals when you don't need to .A lot of Police Departments now mandate the use of M-Pro 7 or Hoppe's Elite due to harsh chemicals used in the other brands. I've studied the technical data from Pantheon and they will freely share information with you and any testing or proof of non-toxicity and performance of their products.I use primarily the CLP, but will occasionally use the gun cleaner for an occasional deep cleaning and it works great for cleaning the Carbon rings off of Revolver Cylinders(Smith & Wesson use & recommend it).
         M-Pro 7 CLP is fairly expensive, but a little of it goes a long way & how much is your Health worth. The Hoppe's Elite can be found at Wal-Mart, but the CLP/"Field Cleaner" was discontinued. People just have it in their mind that you have to have a separate cleaner & lube/protectant, but just as with Break-Free CLP, the M-Pro 7 CLP proved that is simply not true.The CLP in a sense "cleans" as the weapon is fired by penetrating the firing residue and not letting it build up.Some cleaner/degreaser type cleaners leave the metal unprotected,s o you must re-oil within a time frame. With CLP, no worries,The M-Pro 7 IS a degreaser, but it also a protectant which doesn't leave the metal unprotected. Still, I just stick with the CLP primarily only breaking out the gun cleaner occasionally. Try M-Pro 7 CLP and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.