Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another reason to arm yourself.

There was an article in Black Belt magazine dealing with the mentality & dynamics of the knife fight.The main theme in the piece was that knife on knife fighting is a very rare occurrence compared to assaults with knives against the unarmed.
Criminals are usually looking for a easy target and will usually be deterred if they encounter to much resistance or even antic pate they might.The data the author collected showed that knife wielding attackers usually ceased aggression if their intended target presented their own blade.Yes,criminals are indeed cowards. He proposed the idea that working on knife vs knife fighting in your self-defense training should not be given a high priority and you'd be better off devoting that time to defending the blade unarmed since that is much more probable.
If you have a CCW and can carry a firearm,then that's even better yet and the mere presentation of your gun might very well stop most bad guys in their tracks. So,legally arming yourself with a knife and preferably a gun is a good idea in any context and might actually stop violence from ever occurring in the first place.
However,keep in the mind that truly demented & violent predators are out there.The criminally insane and just whacked out ,crazy bad dudes can be intent on doing you harm irregardless of the situation and without much regard or concern with their own well-being & safety not hesitating to engage you in any scenario,so you should be able to actually use that firearm or knife effectively.