Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trust & Obey?

"When Policemen break the law,then there isn't any law....just a fight for survival."

Those words come from the movie Billy Jack and hit on a truth that is often overlooked by many who tend to trust those in authority unconditionally and without question.The vast majority of Police Officers are trust worthy individuals,but nonetheless,Police are People too and subject to Human flaws just like anyone else.
The fact is that there simply are bad cops out there that won't hesitate to conspire,lie or falsify evidence to set you for something you didn't do.If you watch cable news on a regular basis you will see that incidents of bad cops are all too frequent.And that's just the ones that get caught,how many more go unnoticed and is much more prevalent in minority communities.People become Cops for many different reasons.Some for very noble reasons of wanting to help innocent victims,keep people safe and to serve their community. I have encountered others far too many times that are on a power trip or have some type of insecurity complex that they try to compensate for with a badge & a gun.This is true of people everywhere and in every profession,but is more of a concern to you since the small man who gets a huge monster truck to compensate cannot pull you over and arrest you.
I am a law abiding Citizen,but I don't like to say I "obey" the law.Using that particular word conjures up imagery of a higher power and in my book the Law falls far short.One of our Countries early proposed seals said.... "Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God". Laws have changed over the course of time and will continue to do so and many laws have been blatantly unjust,were opposed and eventually changed.Slavery & Segregation are two that immediately come to mind.How about Nazi Germany,Communist Russia or British law before our Countries Revolution.The Arizona Immigration Law is controversial with many Police saying they will refuse to enforce it.What does that say about their sworn duty as Police Officers?That they can pick and choose what they personally feel is right? Illegal immigrants are illegal by our law,but our Country has done little in terms of actual enforcement.Some religious leaders ignore the law since they believe they are acting according to God's wishes.Are they wrong? We're Religious leaders who helped Jew's get out of Nazi Germany wrong because they were breaking Nazi Law? Man made Law can indeed get very complicated and is fluidly transient no matter where you stand on the Political spectrum. Therefore,My ultimate or absolute obedience & allegiance could be said to be reserved for God,not Man or his ever-changing laws even though I am a Law Abiding Citizen.
If you legally conceal carry or live in State that doesn't allow it,but often legally transport a firearm in your vehicle,then you should give some thought to how you might handle an interaction with the Police.Massad Ayoob recommends voluntarily telling the Officer that you are carrying in the event you have contact with the Police such as in traffic stop or any other interaction.I have mixed feelings on this and really see no need to disclose such private information unless specifically asked.It also might depend on the nature of the interaction.If you're stopped walking down the street & mistaken for a robbery suspect while you are carrying CCW,then you might want to inform the Officer that you have a firearm on your person and provide the proper CCW documentation that you are allowed to carry it.
Some States allow transport of only encased & unloaded guns in vehicles.In these cases should you be stopped and asked if you have a firearm in the vehicle or He spots your Hunting rifle case in the backseat,then allow Him to look and verify that it is being transported legally,but I would insist that You be allowed to witness everything He does to check it's status.Don't let Him take it back to his Car while you remain in yours since if you happen to get a bad cop,He could load the firearm and charge you with illegally transporting a loaded firearm.
Many Cops in anti-gun States such as California,Wisconsin & Illinois are frequently anti-gun themselves and feel that only Law Enforcement and the Military should be Armed,so extra precaution should be heeded in these Sates.
Most Cops are good guys,so there is no reason to be overly paranoid in any interaction with the Police,but since there are bad seeds out there it doesn't hurt to make sure you protect yourself from rogue cops should you run into one.