Sunday, September 12, 2010

Glock .40 S&W Super High Capacity Mags

Many have wished Glock would manufacture some high capacity magazines in other calibers like they do their 33 rounders in 9mm and Glock has done just that(sort of)for .40 S&W aficionados.
These new mags will hold 24 Rounds of .40 S&W,which is not even close to the 33 of the 9's,but still a lot nonetheless and sure to make many people very happy that feel they need a caliber that starts with a 4.Early reports I've read have been mixed on their reliability,so there may be some bugs that need to be worked.If you get them for defense use,make sure to put a decent amount of rounds through them to make sure they are reliable.The same goes for the Gen 4 Glocks which some complain suffer from some break-in problems that were not present in the Gen 3's.I usually like to wait a year or two and let them work out all the bugs before I jump on board with a new platform.Or at least test the crap out of it to make sure it's dependable.
I'm still of the mindset that 9 is fine and the intro of these mags do little to persuade me.They still have nine less rounds than the 9x19 mags and the .40 Caliber Glocks don't have the lengthy track service and combat proven record of the 9mm Glocks and 9mm happy sticks.
NATO,the US Military,NYPD,Chicago PD and many others still issue 9mm handguns and that is not likely to change anytime soon and I probably won't either.