Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Make a Choice

The United States of America is an extraordinary Country.Most people would agree or at least say they agree with that statement,but how many really know what makes America so special.While there are many attributes that make the U.S.A exceptional,the Second Amendment is a right that we enjoy in this Country that no other Country in the World shares.In fact,there are very few Countries that even allow their Citizens to even own firearms and if they do,their rights are severely restricted and in no way resemble the "gun culture" that we have here in the United States.

I always thought Israel shared many of our gun rights Freedom,but after talking to a few folks online in Israel about the reality there and after doing a little research,I learned that simply wasn't the case.Worldwide if your not active Military or Police,you simply don't get to own a gun and that's the end of it.
So,we can take for granted how exceptional & special our Country and the Second Amendment in particular.Many Politicians in this Country think that Citizens should not be allowed to own guns.Most are Progressive Liberals and thinks in terms of a distorted ideology where they think guns in the hands of Citizens need to be eradicated and the fewer guns better irregardless.The problem is that the U.S. is a gun Culture and has always been & you simply can't undo it.If you make Legislation banning guns in any form,you simply disarm the law-abiding Citizen.Joe Criminal and Inner City gangs don't care about the Laws,so they will be the only ones armed other than the Police and Military.But,to Liberals are just fine with this as it's for the greater good.They don't really care if you can effectively defend yourself or your Family as long they see it being a stepping stone toward their Liberal Nirvana.
The problem is that their Progressive World doesn't exist and never can.That is the difference between ideology and realism.I don't mind if someone has dreams of what could be as long as that thinking is tempered by hardcore realistic facts & reason.
To me the Democratic Party no longer exists except in name only.The Dems have been infiltrated with far-left progressive thinking ideologues who are nothing more than Hippies coming of age to run the Country.Yep,make no mistake about it,the dope smoking baby boomer hippie generation are now the old-timers running the Country,Scary thought huh?The World War two guys are now gone and the Marxist/Socialist/Communist loving Flower Children are in charge.I have never understood why "Free-Loving" hippies embrace these forms of Government as I thought they were about Freedom and these types of Government curtail Freedom completely and absolutely.

So,with what are we left? I personally am an Independent Politically,but as of right now usually vote Republican pretty much across the board as I see the Republican Party to be about where the Democratic Party of my Grand Father's day used to be and the "Dems" have since moved far-left to Democratic Socialism. There are a few Blue-Dog Dems out there,but most tend to cave in to pressure from the uber-left Progressives.I don't really care all that much for most Republicans in general or the Republican Party as a whole and simply look at them as the lesser of two evils, at least in this point in time.I strongly believe in the right to bear arms and the right to self-defense and that all to often gets lumped in together with being some kind of bigoted,racist Hillbilly,Red-neck Conservative who Hunts.Or should I say go "Huntin".

Most Liberals don't understand guns,don't want to understand guns and don't want you to own guns.Obama once asked why People needed these high capacity semi-automatics to protect themselves when a Hunter only needs one shot.This statement shows his complete ignorance on the subject of self-defense.It's right up there with the concept of banning guns because they look scary(i.e. the 94 assault weapons bans.
Wolves(Criminals)tend to travel in packs and in a Home invasion(or any violent assault),there is likely to be more than one intruder/attacker.Also,bullets are not magic and it usually takes more than one shot to stop the perp.Also,since the perp is not standing still as a animal would and I'm not using a high powered rifle...failures to stop and misses are very probable.
So,if you value the right to own firearms & defend yourself and yours in the most effective way possible,consider carefully for whom you vote.