Thursday, September 2, 2010


So I'm sitting in traffic the other day and the car in front of me has a Gracie Jiu Jitsu sticker on it that says "Get Real". I have all the respect in the world for the Gracie Family and their contributions to advancing Martial Art effectiveness and application,but the assertion that GJJ or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in general represents "reality" or real fighting,combat or self-defense just doesn't hold up when you look at the facts.
Reality-Based Combat,Self-Defense & Martial Arts refers to tactics & techniques that are designed to be used for real world/no rules scenarios.The Gracies aren't known for their stand up striking or their proficiency with weapons or overall street strategies,but rather specialize in sport-based submission ground grappling.There is no submission or "tapping out" on the street and you have to escape or neutralize the threat.For context,if you can actually break a limb or choke out the attacker,then that definitely might end the confrontation,but there is no referee to intervene and declare you the winner.The attacker may play possum or say He will stop,but once you release your hold,he may continue his assault.Even a broken arm may not stop him and could even cause him to escalate his attack by presenting a weapon.Contrary to what many people might think,the UFC is a sport and in way represents what you are likely to encounter in a street altercation.Look at the lengthy list of rules and when is the last time someone whipped out a folding pocket knife after they were mounted and gutted the guy on top.Have you ever seen anyone pull out a concealed Glock 19 and shoot his opponent from across the Octagon before the match even started? Of course not since it's a SPORT & not a REAL FIGHT.The UFC consists of two and only two willing "combatants" who are unarmed and have agreed to "fight" within the outlined rules and regulations.Last time I checked,that makes it a sport or more precisely a combat sport.
Another thing I noticed on that GJJ sticker was a Shark,which the Gracies often like to compare themselves to in the sense that they are sharks and the ground is their water.It also reminded me of the time Royce Gracie responded with.... "why would the shark mind being dragged into the water"... when I asked him why his instructional material was void of any takedown defenses.
You don't usually get to decide where an altercation takes place and you usually don't want to go to ground in most real world self-defense situations.The Gracies aren't concerned because irrelevant of how they are marketing their system,they are more interested in sport matches or in unarmed "dueling" rather than actual Combatives & reality-based real fighting although many elements of what they teach does crossover and is useful to someone who is interested in reality-based defense and especially to Law Enforcement.
What sets Humans apart from the Animal kingdom is our Intelligence as well as our development & use of tools and weapons.I wouldn't give a Man a real great chance of defending himself against a Great White Shark in the Water Unarmed,but take a Shark out of the water & it is not much of a threat.And Man is able to easily extract a Shark from the water if need be using his superior intellect combined with his development & use of tools/weapons.He can also safely venture into the Sharks "territory"(the water)using His technology.Royce made the analogy,I just expanded on it.
In the real world there is no such as a "Fair" fight.Fair in boxing is different than fair in MMA and fair in wrestling since these are merely sports & not reality. Without His tools and weapons,Man is fairly fragile physically in comparison with many in the animal kingdom,so macho posturing,chest thumping and bravado mean little in reality.
In real world defense situations,you should not be concerned with "rules",but only the Law(do whatever you think necessary to survive or avoid injury though)and always remembering that your assailant may not have any regard or consideration for the Law and may do anything necessary to overcome you to achieve his goals.