Thursday, October 21, 2010

.357 magnum vs .38 Special in Snubnose Revolvers

A lot of people are under the misconcpetion that a .357 Magnum round is no better than a .38 Special round out of a 2 inch short barrelled Revolver.While it is true that the .357 Magnum is not at's it's best in a short barrel(no round is though),but it is still much more powerful than a .38 Special round.The theory/ argument that it simply has more recoil and muzzle blast,but no better ballistics just doesn't hold water.That is recoil is generated because the round is generating more power.Do a search and look at the ballistic charts to see the difference for yourself.Stephen Camp wrote an article on this subject and can be found on his site or on the Snubnose Files website.