Sunday, October 10, 2010

BlackHawk Knoxx SpecOps Stock

The recoil from a 12 Gauge Shotgun can simply be too violent for some People to tolerate.I do think that the 12 Gauges recoil is often over-exaggerated as I remember being told numerous horror stories about how bad it was before I bought my first Remington 870.Once I actually shot it,I thought 'that's it'. But,I'm a fairly large Adult Male and it is Women and Men of lighter stature and Kids whom are most affected by heavy recoiling firearms.One solution is the Knoxx SpecoOps recoil reducing stock which features two recoil reducing springs.One spring is contained in the handgrip and the other in the buttstock.The stock is adjustable like a M4 stock and installs extremely easily with the provided tool.
The way the stock works is that the Shotgun itself moves backward within the space behind the shotguns receiver as well the buttstock tube also moving rearward slightly.The Handgrip also flexes with the shotgun traveling backward over it.The two tensioned springs act in slowing the guns rearward momentum and returning it to it's starting position.This stock really does significantly reduce recoil although I don't find to be to the degree that Blackhawk claims it does.There is a flared portion on the buttstock extension tube that you must be careful about when firing as it tends to slap you in the cheek when the gun recoils rearward should you place your face to close to it when making a cheekweld.The solution is to simply make sure you keep your face farther away from it(more toward the rear of the stock).The instructional manual does discuss this and show what & what not to do.
Blackhawk/Knoxx also make a Powerpak unit which also installs on the stock giving a place to keep extra shells,a small waterproof container(for batteries etc.)and two different cheekrests(one low,one high for use with optics).The problem with the Powerpak is that once it's on,there is no effective way to take it off without destroying it and possibly the stock itself(it will get marred up at the least).You also cannot switch the Cheek Rests once the Powerpak is installed,so you have to decide on one or the other before installing it.For these reasons and the fact it adds significant weight & bulk,I advise against adding the Powerpak.If your wanting to carry extra shells on the gun,I would recommend using a sidesiddle mounted to the receiver.
I really appreciate that that the SpecOps stock is adjustable and I like the similarity of function with my M4's stock.The adjustable feature is great if the Shotgun will serve more than shooter and collapsed all the way it is very compact for storage.Follow up shots are definitely faster for me and it's much more comfortable to shoot heavy Magnum rounds and/or slugs.Prices usually run about $100,but it can be found at times on sale for even less. OpticsPlanet sometimes has it for $89.