Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Concealed Carry for the Average Women

Until recently,small Revolvers had been the most common recommendation for the average Woman looking to protect Herself.While I think the world of Mini-Glocks for CCW,I think that the small Revolver is a much better choice for your AVERAGE Woman interested in self-defense.

A Woman interested solely in personal protection usually doesn't have any delusions of shooting it out with gang members or terrorists while running through the streets(although in this day & age,that isn't so far fetched).No,She is more concerned with the Rapist,Mugger or Abuser who attacks up close & personal.It is in these situations where the Revolver shines & in particular the Double Action Only/DOA "hammerless" revolvers in which the hammer is internal.You simply load the gun and all you do is pull the trigger to fire.You cannot manually "cock" these guns which is actually a good thing since a cocked revolver has a very light trigger pull and in a close up defense encounter,that is not a good thing.The trigger on these guns is fairly hard to pull since it is both cocking the gun & releasing the hammer & the heavier trigger pull is a benefit so that the gun does not go off accidentally in your purse when it is bumped or you are holding a perp at bay & are nervous.
Since there is no external hammer,there is no hammer to get snag during a draw or get caught up in clothing or material and could even be fired from inside the purse or a coat pocket etc.These revolvers also have very short barrels which make them very difficult to grab onto should the bad guy try to take your gun away(which He probably will try).The short barrel makes it quicker to present the gun from concealment as well as overall movement in a close quarter defense situation or maneuver inside a purse or pocket.

By far the most common & most recommended Caliber is .38 Special since it gives adequate defense performance and has tolerable recoil.The Smith & Wesson Airweights such as the 442 and 642 are lightweight and reasonably affordable.The S&W Bodyguard is a .38 Special with a built in laser,but the grips cannot be changed out and the design is new,so there could be unforeseen problems.The 442 & 642 have been around a long time and have been proven,so I would stick with them.I Personally have a S&W 340 M&P which is very similar,but is chambered for .357 Magnum(although you can still shoot .38 Special in it)which has too much recoil for the vast majority of people(Men & Women)to handle,so there is no real reason to consider it plus it's way more expensive.Ammunition(the bullets)are about as important as the gun itself so stick to quality ammunition from established companies such as Remington,Winchester,Federal and Cor-Bon. Cor-Bon DPX is my absolute favorite and what I use in all my defense guns.It is a all Copper(if your environmentally conscious)hollow-point bullet that offers exceptional performance.
The simplicity of the Revolver is another huge advantage they have that makes them a prime choice for your average lady simply looking for protection and doesn't want to spend hours practicing drills & learning how to run tactical drills.These guns are simple point & shoot and at real world defense contact distances where rapes,muggings and assaults happen....Annie Oakley style target shooting is not really relevant.I do recommend at least some minimal training to get down the basics of operation & maintenance and in particular gun safety.