Sunday, November 21, 2010

6 Dvd Defensive Tactics Set

This is a 6 Dvd set on Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement,but could be useful to the Civilian as well.The Police Combat titles are interesting and unorthodox,but much of the material id unworkable and overly complex for most people to make it effective in real-world applications.However,it does contain some methods that should work if applied properly and though provoking at the least to give you some ideas/a different perspective on your own techniques.
Keith Livingstons "Arrest & Control" dvd is solid,up to date and I find very little I disagree with.The Police Ground Combat titles are a good introduction to street groundfighting to get you up to speed and street functional quickly,but it does lean a little to much toward sport MMA IMO.
Available from Turtle Press for $99