Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Force-on-Force Handgun Drills

This is a clip by Gabe Suarez who has really brought Force-on-Force training to the forefront in recent years. Suarez didn't invent FoF, but he has really refined it and made it a core concept to his teaching and training. This type of training goes beyond the square range or a timed course and lets you participate in a live action dynamic simulation where you can run scenarios that mimic real-world situations.
        Many of his scenario drills are conducted in relatively open area spaces and involve a lot of evasive movement to create distance between you and the assailant(s). Some real-world situations might occur in open spaces(such as parking lots etc.), but just as many if not more happen in confined areas were you might not be able to be so evasively mobile and/or cannot create space and have to engage in close quarters or contact distances. Evasive movement here is on a much smaller scale than one of simply creating overall distance and one of individual techniques(slips, ducks, pikes, swaybacks/leanbacks, bob & weave etc.) body movements/positioning/angling and footwork and don't think trying to create overall distance between you and an attacking assailant is as simple as just moving or running away, because it isn't(especially of the assailant has a firearm). It is a technical skill just like anything else. There is also the whole spectrum of offensive and defensive unarmed and integrated skills whether used independent or used simultaneously  to consider as well since they will likely come into play and be necessary.                
                 Avoidance and Escape and even evasion are usually your best initial course of action although not always possible. Perhaps you are elderly, handicapped, have kids with you, are simply overweight or out of shape etc. and not really all that mobile or the confines, environment, locale,dynamics etc. of that specific situation itself doesn't allow for much mobility and overall whole body proximity evasiveness. Irregardless, you need a well rounded set of skills to deal with the different types of scenarios you can or will likely run into and allocate your training time and delegating your resources in the the appropriate percentages of what will be encountered in a real-world self-defense. Gabe has many great Dvd's and Books that can be purchased at Paladin Press or at Suarez International's Store-One Source Tactical.