Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Escape a Mount in the Street

This is certainly a viable method,but I usually prefer to go directly for more head control using it as a lever or using a palm press/head twist as I've discussed in previous entries.Grabbing the Hair is effective,but many times the assailant may have a shaved head,be bald or have hair simply too short to grab onto to gain enough leverage and if using this method,them simply control the arm(deflecting,blocking,hooking,trapping/grabbing or checking it etc.)instead so they can't post up(support selves)with it.On this video on the very first execution,He goes under the arm to grab the hair and on the other two,He goes over it.Over or under will work either way,you just have to make adjustments accordingly.One movement or method may not be enough by itself to effect an escape and You may have to attempt alternative ways and work different techniques in combinations to get out.Set them up,off balance,flow/chaining moves and/or use broken rhythms/timing or any combination/mix of them as necessary.