Friday, November 26, 2010

Standing Double Leg Takedown for the Street

Shows a "dump" with separation rather than what most people think of a double leg.Taking Him down while You remain standing is usually the preferred takedown method (excluding L.E. applications ) in self-defense situations giving the option of disengagement or escape. The particular method shown might not always be the best way or most effective execution as shown by itself against a much larger opponent, but then again, it also may be depending on your skill, technique, physical attributes and particular dynamics of specific scenario. Irregardless, in such cases, twisting/spiral breakdown, posting/turning or lateral movement may be needed once contact is made if the technique doesn't have the desired effect or is countered. You can also simply pull out or push out, slip out to side, to blindspot or around to back to disengage, following up with other techniques or escape.
                     Perhaps even utilizing duck unders or go behinds to get behind the opponent and take Him down from the back. It's a simple, fast technique that can be applied very suddenly in ambush fashion and although it may be not right for many real-world situations, it is nonetheless a good option to have in your toolbox and one everyone should be well trained in using and able to execute.