Saturday, November 20, 2010


The TSA may not believe in profiling,but if your interested in actual self-defense,then you'd better be an expert at it.The truth is that Law Enforcement DOES profile,but just don't say they do.They have to otherwise they'd very rarely ever stop a crime,pick up wanted criminals or stumble upon someone who is illegally carrying a weapons,smuggling drugs etc.The F.B.I does it as well as it is one of the best tools to get ahead of the bad guys since most law enforcement work is reactive in nature.It's ok to say that the most likely suspects are middle aged White males when a serial killer is on the loose. Why? Because 99% of all serial killers are middle age White Males,so that's where you start looking first. That's not racist or Sexist against White Males,it's just the facts.You wouldn't start looking for an elderly Black Women in a wheelchair and it makes about as much sense when your looking for Terrorists on Airplanes to pat down,scan & strip search everyone when you should only be looking at the People who actually are likely to be terrorists since 100% of them in the past fit into a certain demographic.Unfortunately,Whites are the only People not "off limits" for targeting since it would not be Politically correct to say a certain group of People commit more of a certain type of crime even if it's true and this stats back it up.
Liberals point to Timothy McVeigh,but He didn't hijack a commercial airliner and He was that 1% exception just like you DO occasionally have a Women or Minority Serial Killer once in a great while.The Israeli's have it right when it comes to airline security,but the U.S. has got so caught up in it's Political Correctness that it can no longer see the forest for the trees.Everything becomes racist or racism to them even though that couldn't be farther from the truth.We need to dial back the use of the word racism and limit what we are defining as such to when it's actually and factually occurring.Stop being so over-sensitive in other words and use Behavioral,Physical,Gender and Racial profiling to help the good guys catch the bad guys.
Luckily,you as a Civilian Citizen interested in protecting You and Yours don't have to get all wrapped in their nonsense and can use your common sense,logic & reason as well as intuition and listen to your gut to keep You and Your family Safe.