Monday, November 29, 2010

Reaction faster than Action?

It has been said that ACTION will always be faster than REACTION.According to one article that might not exactly be HERE to read the article.

So, in terms of performance execution, reaction IS faster than action, but not so much so that it makes up the difference of the actor getting the jump. HOWEVER, remember that quickness is RELATIVE to individuals and of course a quicker reactor might be able to outpace/catch up and surpass a slower actor otherwise no one would ever be able to reactively defend or employ counter measures. Especially, if he has ample distance, time & sees the attack, opponent telegraphs intent or attack method early, anticipates etc. and the less time(because of distance, not identifying/recognizing threat response selection, improper reflex or instinctive response)He has to react, the harder it is for Him to respond effectively and appropriately. Reflex/instant instinctive response is faster reactively than decision making, thinking, planning a strategic response. The article & accompanying video also shows importance of reflexes and instinctive reaction which of course can be honed & educated with proper training. Consider the Startle/Flinch and it's implications and applications