Monday, November 22, 2010

Smith & Wesson M&P Tactical Pen

Many People will probably say that a "Tactical" Pen is taking the whole tactical concept a little too far and they may be right to a point,but I think this particular item is worth considering adding to your collection.A regular pen can indeed work as a makeshift weapon,but will rather fragile compared to something like the S&W Tactical Pen.Unlike the Kubotan which Tak Kubota designed as a pressure point activation/pain compliance and impact tool,the M&P will act as a stabbing weapon.Beyond that,with the cap removed,it is pointed on both end giving You many more self-defense technique options such as overhand hammer fist type attacks combined with hook punch,backfist & uppercut movements although bracing the thumb on top of the cap is probably the most practical & effective way of holding it.Variations & combinations possibilities are nearly endless.Or you can simply leave the cap on to have only one point out and have a blunt end to use as a possible control device.
The M&P pen itself is 6.1" long so it is long enough for both ends to protrude from each end of the hand when held in a fist to allow for the above mentioned diversity of movement. It is 6061 type III Black hard anodized aluminum,so it should be pretty durable.Cost is generally around $30,but I have seen it for as low as $19.Compared to the Surefire Tactical Pen which cost over $100,I think this is a good deal.Surefire pen does have a glassbreaker if that's a desired characteristic,but for me it's not worth the extra cost.S&W makes different models of tactical pens(1.The Tactical pen & 2.M&P Tactical Pen) with some featuring a snap on cap(2) and others having a twist on(1).I much prefer the threaded option as you wouldn't want the cap coming loose during a real-world impact. The pen itself is actually made by Schrade and they make a Pen under their own name that you can get with a Bonus Dvd. The S&W pens are nice,but I personally prefer this SCHRADE TACTICAL PEN + Dvd.  Another negative about the S&W Pens is that Smith & Wesson is prominently written on the clip,so that if you carry it in a chest pocket like I do everyone sees the logo.Saying Schrade on a pen is not as recognizable, has nothing to do with guns & simply won't illicit the same response from people and S&W.This marks you as a "gun guy"by potential thieves looking to case houses and pick up some firearms at a 5 finger discount and may alert perps or Police that you are a CCW holder carrying a weapon and perhaps give you some unwanted attention.