Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Streamlight PT- 2AA

Pictured is the new Streamlight PT-2AA flashlight.I do not own one nor have I even handled one personally and there is not yet a lot of information/reviews out about it yet,but I do find it interesting due to it using two AA batteries and yet still it a powerful light with a fairly long run time.
Lithium CR123 batteries do last a long time,but are expensive and virtually impossible to find other than ordering on the Internet.AA batteries are cheap and you can find them just about anywhere and this might come in handy in an EDC(everyday carry)or survival light.The light is relatively long coming in at just under six inches(5.97")and weighs in at a svelte 3.4 oz. Major diameter is 0.90"
and Barrel diameter is 0.65".So, the light is very similar in size to a Kubotan and should be very effective being used in that manner.The Bezel does appear to be crenellated although they are more of a crown rather than the sharp style that most strikebezeled flashlights use.Tailcap looks to be shrouded and I have read initial reports that it can tailstand although it doesn't do so easily.

Performance....... 120 Lumens on High for 1.75 Hours
14 Lumens on Low for 21 Horus
Strobe Mode 4 Hours

For me a strobe feature is not really desirable,but some may like the option.I've read some complaints that it is difficult to access the low & strobe modes.I do like the length since I find that many Surefire lights are too short for my hand for optimized use as an impact weapon.The biggest problem I have with this light is that it is made in China.From what I understand,a lot of products in the Streamlight catalog are now being made in China which could explain the drastic decrease in their prices over the last few years.Surefire lights by comparison while more expensive are still made in the USA,so they will always be My first choice.Price for the PT-2AA is under $50.