Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alternative Views

When most People learn self-defense movements they will approach learning specific defenses and counters to various types of attack.This is fine,but it doesn't give the Student a very thorough understanding of the different dynamics.
That's why I encourage anyone wanting to learn the most effective applications of dealing with specific techniques is to learn alternative viewpoints of that techniques.If You want to learn a defense against a particular choke,You work on the various methods of defending against it,but should also learn How to apply it as well.This will give You much greater knowledge and understanding of how best to defeat by exploring How & where You are vulnerable when applying it.This applies even if You have no interest in the offensive capability of a particular techniques or method.An individual not at all interested in taking someone to the ground,but concerned about someone doing so to them would benefit greatly in examining how it's done plus they just might need that ability someday.Same thing with knives or clubs etc. Learn counters to your counters or Your offensive techniques to see where You might improve them and make them more effective and harder to defend against.Use of mirrors and video can also show You things You are doing wrong & not even be aware of and therefore correct just as a good qualified Instructor can help You do.