Thursday, December 2, 2010

Concepts of Choke Defense Part 2

MMA is everywhere nowadays which makes it more likely than ever that some thug would use one of techniques they see in MMA matches against You.Choke holds are one of the most common and effective techniques and especially dangerous for the real-world defense exponent since they can render You unconscious in a matter of seconds.
I went over some underlying principles or concepts that apply to pretty much any defense method against chokes in part one.If Your looking for detailed information about individual techniques,You need only so a search on Youtube and will find a nearly endless selection of the most common and effective as well as alternative options.In part one I mentioned the difficulty's of dealing with someone who is on Your back and attempting to choke You.This is called a rear or back mount and the opponent will usually have His legs wrapped around You and perhaps with "hooks in" which is a hooking position with His feet into your crotch or inner thigh area.
The best way to avoid being choked is to never let them get close to applying the choke in the first place by controlling position and/or controlling their hands/wrist/arms.Looks at some of the videos about defending back mount chokes on my Youtube channel to show You different options on how to do it.The same concept applies in the best way to get out of the back/rear mount is to never let them get there in the first place.Controlling overall positioning by never getting taken down in the street is the ideal scenario,but if taken down,You want to use control and positioning methods to avoid them taking control and/or getting Your back and usually getting back to Your feet in a real street fight.I've covered this in previous posts.CLICK HERE

The first part of defending an actual choke once it is applied is relieving the pressure on the neck & throat so the airway and blood flow is kept open,Many times these measures(covered in part one)will often be sufficient enough to completely free you from the hold and allow escape.In terms of having someone on Your back,You have the dual task of defending the choke itself as well as getting out of the hold/position itself.
Knee to elbow escapes slightly modified combined with straightening and then bending the leg(usually with arcing movements)examples....
Simply straightening Your leg(s) when someone is on Your back with hooks in will usually get their hooks out of you crotch.You use a circular motion to "go around" the hook and can do one leg or the other or alternating depending on what Your planning on doing.Straightening the legs CAN apply to any position,but is usually applicable when Your are seated on the ground and they are behind(think Lamaze position)or their underneath You on Your back.There are many methods to get out such as "scraping" them off using the ground(or barrier) by rolling to gain position,rotating or turning etc.,but one of My favorites is to defend the choke itself controlling the arms & straighten one leg to get the hook out by straightening the leg while scrunching/scooting down using the elbow against the inside of their leg and bring the knee up to meet the elbow much like You would in a Knee/elbow escape against a mount.Reach across with that same arm to grab their other leg while their arm on that same side should be controlled as well so they can't post.From here You can rotate over and out using them to help pull You over and back to You feet.You could also simply spin inside their legs and perhaps end up in their guard,but many be able to scramble to Your feet by using positioning and control.You could even keep moving to their outside and establish side control(especially if LEO).These movements are done quickly and in fluid succession or simultaneously,but be prepared for and to deal with stales/stalemates or the need to use broken timing & rhythms accordingly to adjust and adapt to the specific situational dynamics.

If He is on Your back and You are on all fours,You want to "turtle up"(pull in tight knees/elbows/shoulders head down)so that He never even can gets hooks in at all and won't be very stable in His position at all to keep You down and many times You can simply dump Him off forward and/or slip out the back door.If He gets Hooks in You may have to get at least one hook out which can be done through the elbow/knee method above,grabbing and redirecting it/pushing it out while You bring elbow/knee in to block Him putting it back in.Getting one hook out will open up an outlet/pathway to slide out that way via the backdoor.Pushing forward or down,pinning his arm can assist this movement.If You get both Hooks out,It is usually fairly easy to slip out and scramble back to Your feet.
If nothing is working from the turtle position,sitting back is always an option and You would effect an escape there using the methods described for that scenario,but I personally never like using sit-outs or any type of lying back movements in real streetfights.In the rare situation where someone jumps on Your back with their legs wrapped around You and choking You,Hopefully You could control them and slip out and You'll usually be able to use some combination of some of the methods I've described to slip out while on the feet even if they have a choke in place.Defend the choke itself,dislodge the support hand and spin or rotate out or towards them.If they do get a good hold it's likely You'll end up going down(usually backwards),but if not(rare)You have several options.One is to bend forward(using hands to post/support if necessary)and try dump them off the front while still standing.You can also bend over,post and or go down on all fours(elbows/knees)if You can't shake them off and then effect an escape to slip out the back or roll them off the front as I described.Against a standing rear choke,If a wall is behind them.You could drive them back into it and if they do jump on Your back,You could intentionally fall backward or You start to fall and accentuate it into a slam with the intent of slamming their head on the concrete and if doesn't work,then work Your escape from their as covered.Not My favorite method,but might just be what You come up with or what happens.

In any chokehold,strangle as well in any headlock,rear bearhug,bodylock or clinch,One option is to reach back & around and grab their head in a lock and You can also step behind them by bringing one leg around and behind their legs which can give You better positioning,leverage and control and compromise theirs.You may have to jockey around a bit to create enough space and slide out to execute,but it usually can be done.Shoulder flexibility can limit Your ability to reach back and around their head.The stepping around and behind maneuver may not be the best option to use in conjunction with the head grab depending on what You want to accomplish since You may want to grab the head & then rotate out to front or slip out to the side depending on the dynamics of the situation,but You can usually need the step behind to get the leverage,position and control to slip out plus it's easy to still slip out to the front or side with step behind since it doesn't really tie You up unless they grapevine or hook Your leg trying to trip or throw which they aren't really aren't in any position or shouldn't be unless they are massively skilled especially if You do the technique correctly and quickly. And in any choke scenario if You've screwed up and nothings worked You've tried with things getting desperate enough & Your about to go unconscious,a weapon might be the answer to get You out.