Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Igor Zinoviev vs Mario Sperry

This is a fight that took place back in the mid 1990's when Modern sport MMA was in it's infancy.Mario Sperry was being hyped up by the commentators(this version is void of commentating though),but relatively little was known about Igor Zinoviev.Sperry went on to have a fairly successful fighting career and multiple series of Instructional tapes whereas Zinoviev had very limited success although He comes out on Top in this fight.

What I found interesting about this fight back in 1995 was Zinoviev's unorthodox Mount escape techniques which I hadn't really seen at the time as they weren't what most people we're doing or what was being taught although they very much resemble many of the various thrusting and roll-over/off escapes used and taught today.They caught Sperry off guard as Zinoviev escaped Sperry's so-called unbeatable/inescapable Mount.

The first & primary escape of interest is a bridge & roll attempt with a press/push with the arms,but finished with Zinoviev posting up/sitting up and pushing Sperry off and slipping out the from underneath Him & takes place at 9:00 Minutes by the ExtremeFighting Clock(not Youtube timer).At 8:20 and 5:15 Zinoviev levers him off with a headlock and a guillotine.

At 14:00 minutes Sperry is in Side Control and Igor has a side headlock from the bottom and is trapping Sperry's leg preventing from getting to the side and most likely trying to roll Zinoviev to His stomach and take His back(based on Igor's position & Headlock)or get to a better control position and clear the legs and mount.Rather than lying there trying to fight Sperry for position(although there might indeed be times when You do have to at least momentarily check/block/trap their positional advancement/movement first to set-up an escape depending on what method Your doing.Although You normally or usually won't have to and in the case of spinning out You wouldn't have to and it won't likely matter,but just might or might not have to if Your rolling Him over via a headlock although You should be able to control His method with the headlock/head control),Igor could get Sperry's balance broke forward and role Him over using the Headlock or a better option might be to kick/spin His legs/butt out away from Sperry while pushing down on Sperry's Head/Neck and get up & out which Zinoviev eventually does do perhaps due to Igor feeling Sperry got past His leg and was getting to a better position.

At another point Zinoviev does roll Sperry over using a headlock from the bottom when Sperry is in side control.What I like about these specific techniques are they can stimulate some street suitable technique idea's & offer yet another option for quick reversal and the potential to scramble to Your feet,which is usually what the real-world defense exponent is interested in accomplishing.

     At approx. 3:18-3:21 Zinoviev does an interesting kicking/scissoring guard movement that actually scoots him away from Sperry and eventually allows him to get out and up.A pretty good tactic that could at certain times come in handy depending on specific circumstances & dynamics and what other escapes, reversals, options etc. are or are not available or work to get them off and/or you out and to create space so you can get out. Combined with hip scoots & shifts, proper legs movements & other sweeps, elevators,hooks,grapevines, reversals, escapes,bridges,using knees & shins to push,block,proper knee & shin position & movement etc. & more advanced scramble and escape methods & pushing, leg thrusting, kicking, stomping them off it works well to get out and up. Don't forget or neglect the importance of the arms/hands for defense and are often involved in pushing(especially initially to push their upper body etc.) or otherwise involved as well as overall proper body mechanics,body movements & body placement being integral & important/vital components as well.