Thursday, December 2, 2010

Think for Yourself

From the day I walked into My very first Karate lesson,I never took what the Instructor said as the gospel truth or set in stone.I always questioned what was being taught,what was said as well as explanations since He was Human and fallible just like everyone else and I've always keep this mindset whether it was when I watched Royce Gracie win the first UFC or the first time I picked up a gun or a knife and so on and so on etc.

Qualifications,abilities and knowledge differ greatly and some teachers are much more credible than others,but regardless of stature or status,You must always think for Yourself since no Human being knows everything or is right all the time.
Countless times have I read an article,watched a techniques performed or listened to an explanation and had it spawn a plethora of idea's of my own.Even if I didn't agree completely or even at all with what what was being taught,said or demonstrated,it still triggered idea's of my own.You must question the validity of what is being taught.It might not make sense because it's nonsense or perhaps You simply don't understand it or it's not being explained the right way.

Beginners are extremely venerable to being indoctrinated by a Instructors who claim what their teaching the best & only way and can usually give seemingly coherent arguments to demonstrate this as well as why others are wrong,but the beginner has very little knowledge & experience to draw upon to to determine what the truth is and many times end up simply blindly following the Instructor for years and sticking with that particular style for a lifetime.
The more experienced You have,the better You will be able to decipher truth from nonsense providing You keep an open mind,question & think for Yourself.