Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gunpowder & Copper

 Some time ago, I "standardized "on 9x19 as my semi-automatic handgun defensive caliber choice for interchangeability and simplicity so there is no confusion or conflict as to what ammo or magazine I'm grabbing in a hurry.I prefer the Glock Platform for it's reliability,durability and simplicity & own a Glock 17,19 & 26.The smaller 19 & 26 will take the magazines from the 17 and all three will accept and function perfectly with the 33 Rounders of which I have several.Except for concealed carry,I don't even use or keep loaded the 19 or 26's magazine,but only the 17's & 33 round mags so that at anytime I can grab a loaded mag that will function in any of my Glocks.The 9mm has mild recoil,is widely available and affordable when compared to .40 S&W & .45 ACP so you can buy in bulk to stock up and practice more without breaking the bank.The 9mm is still the Worldwide standard for personal defense and Military & Police issue and that is still true of our own Military although many P.D's in the US have switched to the .40 S&W for reasons not truly defined(the FBI's  1986 "Miami Shootout" and the perceived failure of the Agent's 9mm rounds are often pointed to as the switch of the FBI to 10mm & then .40 with much of Law Enforcement following the FBI's lead).However,most of the largest PD's such as the NYPD still mandate or issue 9mm. 
       There has been great advancements in cartridge ballistics,manufacturing technology and materials in the last 20 so that between the big three(9mm,.40S&W & .45 ACP)there is hardly any difference in effectiveness in defensive performance.As long as your using high quality modern ammunition,all three will provide One Shot Stops in the 90th percentile.The .45 & 40 due offer slightly greater effectiveness,but IMO it's rather minimal and at the cost of greater recoil & muzzle blast which generally means slower follow up shots,less accuracy and shockingly bright & loud muzzle blast that will likely leave you temporarily leave you deaf & night blind if fired indoors at night in a home defense situation.The 9mm will be no picnic,but substantially less than the other two.
        Cartridge of choice for me is the CorBon DPX 115gr +P 9x19 Hollow Points.The DPX stands for deep penetrating X with the X standing for Barned X Bullet which is a solid copper bullet.The Cor-Bon DPX offers excellent penetration and expansion with superior baballistics.They can be a bit pricey,so you might consider doing the bulk of your practice with something cheaper and save the DPX as an actual defense load although you should get in quite a bit of practice and run a fair amount of rounds of it though your defense guns since it is what you'll be staking your life on.

Check out the Cor-Bon website HERE as well as Stephen Camps excellent article on 9mm ammunition choices HERE