Monday, February 21, 2011

What does MMA say about us?

This is an article written by Dave Lowry in the August 1994 issue of Inside Karate as a response to early MMA or No-Holds Barred as it was called back then.I really liked the article then & I still do today and think it does a great job of making some often overlooked points about what it means to be tough.Being brave,courageous or tough is a matter of doing things that are hard, not things that are easy.For some, it's very easy to fight & they have no fear of it therefore you cannot say they are being brave since there is no fear present to overcome.Many MMA superstars of today appear to me to be mentally damaged immature misfits who cannot do anything else in life except punch people in the head.If you are a skilled fighter & have a high tolerance to physical pain are you tough? I guess in one sense you are,but not in one that should really be admired or held up as some valiant quality of a Human being.These people are after all simply willingly engaging in violent conflict with their fellow human beings for no other reason than for sport and money. I don't particularly find that appealing and am rather repulsed by it.Our Military Veterans fight for am actual purpose, but receive very little acclaim,applause or reward compared to some punks like Anderson Silva or Brock Lesnar.I'm someone who has a natural ability and urge to fight, so for me it takes more strength not to fight.I have been provoked and baited on many occasions by some knucklehead or another wanting to prove their "toughness" & it was when I walked away that I was truly a "bad-ass" since that what was hard for me.In terms  of self-defense,willing participation in sporting fights or actual one is the exact antithesis of self-defense and contradictive to the precise meaning and what your striving to achieve since you are risking injury and/or death.I'll admit that there is things to thing from MMA matches in terms of what's effectiveness in certain scenarios albeit it is extremely limited in a real-world self-defense sense where there are no rules or limitations on weapons,escape etc.When I watch any fight(real or sporting), I do so in a very serious and somber manner simply studying it as a learning experience and am rather unsettled & even saddened somewhat by cheers and calls for brutality by spectators who would never engage in such an event themselves or would want a Family member of theirs to do so either.So why take pleasure in the another humans beings injury especially if you look at from the perspective that most of these fighters are probably suffering from some mental defect. It hearkens back to the days of Rome when the rabid crowds would chant and cheer for bloody violence & brutality and makes me wonder where our society is headed and about the character of many people that call themselves Christians who rejoice in the violence of events such as the UFC on pay-per-view on Saturday night and then sit in the Church pew the next morning.