Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eric Holder: Focus on Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case Demeans My People

I was shocked when I first watched this and can't believe the blatant bias & arrogance of this guy. I had a friend many years ago who was an immigrant from India that liked to say "Birds of a feather flock together" in response to me having Black friends. He said there was nothing wrong with me being friends with them, but if it ever came down to a situation of supporting me or siding with their "own kind", then they would abandon me in favor of their own.

     I dismissed his idea's at the time as being old, outdated and pure backwards thinking, but now I can't help but notice that much of what he said is in fact very true. The percentage of Black Americans that voted for and still support Obama is over 90%. How many of those truly know anything about his Policies or did they vote and support him based solely on his Race being the same as theirs. I watched hordes of Black Conservatives abandon their Conservative principles to support Obama. Even Colin Powell did so which really took me by surprise. Condie Rice seemed to take great satisfaction in his election merely due to his skin color.I thought we supposed to all be color blind and have gotten past all such preferences and prejudices?

Obama's & Holder's radical obsession with race and focus on it in every issue as well as their overt promotion of social justice have sent racial relations spiraling backwards.They speak about "everyone getting a turn", but what does that really mean.We're not talking about a sport or riding the Ferris wheel at the amusement park. America, our economy & our way of life was not just something that the Europeans found, but rather something they designed, invented & built yet White Christians are now treated like second class Citizens in the Country their ancestors founded. Slavery? Yes, it was an atrocity and I wish it had never happened and it left a stain on our Countries history(as it did most Countries), but how long are we going to keep looking back? If there are any Black Americans that were actual slaves still alive today, then I say give them their just due, but as far as I know the last one died off many moons ago. Or is there a new worlds oldest person for the record books and someone scientist would be extremely interetsed in.
Asians were interned during WWII as were many Germans.Italians & the Irish were treated like second class citizens when they first came here and no one has forgotten the treatment of the American Indian. That's simply the Human experience and you cannot constantly go back and and try to make up for something that is unfixable.Many Black Africans actually sold off their own people. Are those Nations to be held accountable? Members of the Cherokee Nation actually kept Black slaves.Are we to hold all Cherokees alive today accountable? This Country was founded on the principal of self-reliance and it's time for everyone to start taking responsible for themselves.

Are we destined to be birds of a feather with everyone looking out for his own kind. We'll, Muslims as a whole in this Country have been relatively quiet about speaking out on Terrorism. Blacks overwhelmingly support Obama & stood up for Mike Vick including Barack Obama himself. Many Mexicans & Hispanics are quick to hurl racist labels for anyone who believes in border security and the vast majority support open borders and feel "their people" are being targeted if border security is enforced. Inmates in prison self-segregate as do People in Society in general as you have segments of Cities occupied by a certain racial group i.e. Chinatowns etc.

It's a sad state of affairs indeed, but considering all of this in the realm of self-defense and your personal protection and of your family, I'd say race should probably be a determining factor when considering who is a potential threat to you since stats show that if a violent crime is committed against you, it is likely to be someone from a different  racial or ethnic group from yourself with the exception of Blacks(Black on Black crime) and not considering Domestic violence. I'm not saying for anybody to be racist in a vile or violent way here at all or even exclusive, but merely a little more skeptical and this advice applies to people of all races. Not ideal and perhaps not as it should be or how we'd like it to be,but it appears it is a reality that isn't going away anytime soon. Be civil, respectful and lawful,but just perhaps be a little more cautious and aware of others who are not "your people" as holder would say.