Sunday, March 6, 2011

Real Force on Force Training-Takedown Defense

This video demonstrates force-on-force takedown defense & control/position training using the Blauer Spear method.I feel the particular technique of stuffing the shoot/tackle attempt with stiff-arms/the hands, the blade of the forearm arms combined with movement especially suited for Police Officers or anyone involved in a real-life street defense situation where you want to stay up and mobile due to the possibility of weapons,multiple opponents since we're not talking sport MMA.This type of defense should likely be your first line of defense in stopping the takedown,but you must also be able to use other methods should they fail such as snapdowns,downblocking & sprawls etc. possibly in combination with them.Also don't neglect ground defense training should you be taken down as well as the ability to get back to your feet and being able to do so quickly.The second part of the video shows some scenario training of greater intensity using a more escalated level of force-on-force training for more realistic dynamics.