Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Underhook & Pike from ISR Matrix

The Underhook and Pike is the primary stabilizer of the ISR Matrix program. To secure an Underhook, slide your arm under your opponent's arm and bring it around to grab his shoulder and jerk it down, pulling it close to you as you step to his side. Your other hand creates a Pike by pushing against the side of his neck to keep him at a distance. This can also be applied as a strike. The piking arm must always be locked, so you are not relying on muscle strength alone. The traction of these two opposing forces provides control. The piking hand keeps the subject from getting too close, while the Underhook prevents him from getting away. The Underhook and Pike is often used to take someone down by pushing down on their neck and twisting up on their arm while walking around them to exert positional leverage to twist them to the ground. Alternatively, it could be used to temporarily control an attacker while delivering powerful knee strikes.This technique combines & flows very well with a multitude of different techniques intentionally or should it fail,so play with options,variations, set-ups, follow-ups, recovery & alternatives