Saturday, July 9, 2011

.357 SIG:Who needs it?

The .357 SIG is one of those Calibers that really doesn't make much sense, at least not to me at the current time.It is a bottleneck cartridge whose parent cartridge is the .40S&W whose parent cartridge in turn is the 10mm auto.The 357 SIG isn't even .357" at all as it actually measures .355"diameter(9.0mm) which is in reality actually smaller than 9mm Parabellum(.356"diameter/9.03mm).The SIG was designed to mimic the Streetproven performance of the .357 magnum 125 Gr.Round and it does so for the most part, but the SIG round doesn't have anywhere near the versatility of the magnum round. Most SIG ammunition choices feature a 125gr.bullet at 1300 fps which is nearly identical to most 124gr./1300 fps 9mm +P+ ammunition that pretty much equals the ballistics and performance of the SIG round, but you still retain the option of softer recoiling standard 9mm & +P 9mm ammunition as well as a much broader selection of bullet weights & overall availability & cheaper prices to boot.

 But, time will tell as to the success or failure of the .357 SIG and although I don't find it personally appealing right now, I know to never say never and opinions sometimes change and a lot of very knowledgeable People really like it.