Monday, August 22, 2011

Streamlight Poly-Tac Flashlights

Streamlight Polytac on the Left/Black & Surefire G2 in Yellow 

    I just replaced my Surefire G2's with Streamlight Poly-Tacs and it was a good move.Pictured is a Surefire G2 on the left and a Strealight Polytac on the right.The Polytac is lightweight, feels great in the hand and gives off 130 Lumens and all I paid for each one is $35.00 from LA Police Gear.I never really cared for the twisty tailcap on the G2's and the new G2X is available with a clicky,but they cost $100 or so & they have aluminum heads and although I carry an all aluminum E2D LED Defender for EDC, I wanted an all Polymer body flashlight to use in conjunction with my Firearms at home etc.,because it doesn't take long to really bang up the finish on a handgun when doing drills with an aluminum body flashlight. I transferred my Surefire Combat rings to the Streamlight and they fit perfect.
       I actually like the clicky tailcap on Streamlight because it is fairly stout so that you don't accidentally depress it too far and click on constant mode if your only wanting momentary.It takes a direct intentional push to click it on constant which is a great tactical feature where you usually will use momentary if your "clearing" an area or just get up to check and see what that bump in the night you heard might happen to be.
            The Beam is more spread out or has a  greater spill or flood quality than a Surefire G2 with a bright circle/spot in the center surrounded by the larger spill disc. I imagine this gives it less throw or focused distanced than some other lights,but for the purpose of navigating the house, lighting up a room to clear it or clearing a whole house,then this trait is probably an advantage.
        This picture was taken wit the flashlight held at about 3-4 feet from the wall and I estimate larger "flood" disc to be about  3-4 feet across and obviously enlarges as you move farther away from whatever your illuminating.It claims 130 Lumens,but is just doesn't seem that bright to me.My first Gen Surefire E2D LED Defender seems much brighter.This could be because the E2D's beam is more concentrated and the Polytac has more spill,but it is the same result when both lights are shown against a wall at three feet in which the spot vs flood qualities shouldn't matter much(at least I wouldn't think so,but I'm no expert about such matters).The Xenon model of the Polytac features a variable spot to flood head that the LED version does not have.You simply twist it to focus it much like a maglite,but it only claims 72 Lumens and I don't really care for Incandescent bulbs for Tactical Lights. The reason Streamlight gave me as to why the LED version does not have the spot/flood focus is the following......."The LED products need to have a fixed focus in order to provide the best beam pattern (bright spot in the center and a wide halo of peripheral light). An LED product with the ability to focus generally yields a horrible beam pattern (has dead (or dark) spots, no strong spot).  Plus, there is a minimal change in beam pattern when focusing because the LED sits so far back into the light. An incandescent bulb sits farther out into the reflector."