Friday, February 24, 2012

Is M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX Toxic?


      M-Pro 7 has replaced their CLP and Gun Oil with something called Gun Oil LPX .Gone from the LPX label is the Non-Toxic/Non-Hazardous/Bio-Degradable/Environmentally safe banner that was so familiar on M-Pro 7 products.

                I looked up the MSDS sheet on the M-Pro 7 website to see if there was anything that would make them lose the non-toxic label and I immediately noticed the Health Rating for the LPX is a 1 instead of a 0 like the CLP & Gun Oil(The companies are responsible for writing up their own MSDS sheets by the way). I then looked up a new ingredient listed called Tritolyl Phosphate aka TCP among other names which is actually a neurotoxin according to the Wikipedia entry.The MSDS for Tritolyl Phosphate labels it as Toxic to the Nervous System of Humans and a Permeator. Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organ damage. Routes of entry are inhalation,ingestion,eye contact & dermal contact. Carcinogenic,Mutagenic & Teratogenic effects & Developmental toxicity: "Not available". Biodegradable ? I don't think so since MSDS  says "the products of Bio degradation are MORE TOXIC".  DOT classification-Poisonous Material,OHSA-Hazardous.WHMIS-TOXIC,HMIS & NFPA heath ratings are a 2. Granted these are for TCP by itself, but LPX is approximatly 10% Tritolyl Phoshate according to their MSDS. 

From the CDC........
*Routes of exposure

Triorthocresyl Phosphate can affect the body if it is inhaled,comes in contact with the eyes or skin,or is swallowed.It may enter the body through the skin.

*Effects of overexposure
Triorthocresyl phosphate may cause paralyses of the lower arms and legs if it is swallowed,inhaled(as a fog,mist or aerosol),or absorbed through skin

CDC link

Triorthocresyl phoshate is simply another name for Tritolyl Phosphate as OHSA states here

According to the New Jersey Departent of Health and Senior Services Harzadous Sustance Fact Sheet  (page 2)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         TCP May Damage the Male Reproductive System(TESTES)in animals 

 I think it's clear why the non-toxic banner is now gone.The M-Pro 7 CLP & Gun Oil as well as the Hoppes Elite Field Cleaner CLP and Gun Oil have all been discontinued and replaced with products containing TCP which include M-pro 7 LPX, Hoppes Elite Gun Oil T3 and Venom Gun Oil T3.Pantheon makes the Hoppes Elite line and the products have been nearly identical in chemistry & use for all intents and purposes.The Hoppes Elite "Field Cleaner" was a great non-toxic CLP, but was marketed very poorly with a bad name choice . My opinion is Pantheon should simply bring back the safe M-Pro 7 and Hoppes Elite products(especially both CLPs)and work a little more diligently on their marketing .Rebranding the CLPs M-Pro 7 Gun Oil CLP and Hoppes Elite Gun Oil CLP as one option or simply CLP for both leaving out the Gun oil on the label.

The products with TCP are supposed to perform a little better, but at what cost?  The old products met all requirements and performed perfectly adequate, so what & where is there anything to gain? You get a little extra performance when no extra performance was actually needed at the expense of being exposed to toxic chemicals.It's a toxic solution to a problem that didn't even exist.

I've read enough that I won't personally be using anything with TCP in it, but thankfully there are a lot of good non-toxic CLPs on the market that don't have it as an ingredient.