Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Necessity of Unarmed & Improvised Weapon Skills

                       A lot of people are under the impression that a gun will solve all critical self-defense situations or that just some integrated unarmed skills to deal with surprise unexpected ambush attacks & that allow them to transition to their firearm is all that's needed, but that is completely false. Those skills are important, but what they fail to realize are that there are many times when individuals are not allowed to carry a firearm and often it is in places where the possibility of having a violent confrontation and needed to defend yourself is relatively high since they are often hotspot targets for those bent on committing mayhem.Airports and on Airplanes is one as well as the Post Office, Court Houses & any Federal building.Carrying any type of weapon in these places is pretty much off limits and why you need to be well versed in unarmed self-defense against armed individuals as well as unarmed ones.
                  Improvised weapons is also a skill you should also be proficient in should the SHTF in one of these locations.You need the ability to recognize and be able to use effectively items that are available in your environment as potential self-defense weapons. Most of your improvised weapon training & preparation should focus should be on items that are commonly available across the board in these places so familiarize yourself with what would most likely be available. There are also a few "non-weapons" such as canes, pens and even combs, keys some of which are purpose built weapons and other that are not purpose built weapons that will serve as defensive weapons and that you can generally take with you & carry anywhere.I would avoid items or graphics that would imply that  it's primary purpose & design is that of a weapon.Unarmed skills are still an essential part of the foundation and are of vital importance irregardless of what's in environment since a weapon can be dropped, lost or simply unavailable, but you'll always have your unarmed skills with you no matter where you go.
                  Aside from the possibility of not being allowed to carry a firearm or other weapon is the likely scenario where lethal force or even any type of escalated force beyond unarmed skill is not warranted.You can't shoot someone who throws a hay-maker your way and you can punch someone in the face because they pushed you.Law dictates that we use force according to the deal with/defend against the threat and anything beyond that is unlawful or excessive use of force and you will be charged and go to jail. 
          Jail is another place where your likely to be attacked and you definitely won't be packing heat or any weapon for that matter nor even likely have access to any real effective improvised weapons unless your some hardcore felon making an illegal homemade shiv. Even if your a law-abiding Citizen, people often can get arrested for pretty minor & mundane stuff such as a bar scuffle or even something as slight as a shoving match or perhaps some type traffic violation, DUI etc. but they all still go to the same jail as the hardcore criminals. Just something else to consider even for the mostly law-abiding citizen that makes a mistake with a momentary error in judgement to be a little better in putting oneself in situations that might end with potentially bad consequences & simply staying out of high risk and dangerous places.
             The primary goal of self-defense irregardless if you have a weapon or not is to avoid violent confrontation in the first place.Personal defense exponents often focus so much on their actual skills that they neglect the giving much attention on how to avoid conflicts.Situational Awareness of potential threats, recognizing and reacting to a real threat once it occurs,de-escalation skills as well as possible escape routes in your environment to simply remove you and your family away from the situation altogether are of top importance.
     I would also stress that overall & even just basic general physical fitness is often overlooked as well by many reality-based self-defense exponents.The stronger & fitter you are, the better you'll be able to defend you and yours as well be more likely able to deal with and survive & thrive in any situation. Cross-Fit/Cross Training programs that combine and cover the complete spectrum of total fitness are ideal.You never know what you might encounter or what you may have to physically do in a real life-threatening self-defense(or any)situation & the adaptability and enhanced abilities that fitness will give you is priceless. As Bruce Lee once one said....."too much time is given to the development of skill and too little too the development of the individual for participation".