Friday, April 27, 2012

Military Operations vs Civilian Self-Defense

       Military training & skills simply are not all that conducive to real-world self-defense.Navy SEALS and other SF "Tier 1" operators are often put on a pedestal as being the ultimate in practical & functional skills that translate to the Real-World ,but they really only applicable to the battlefield and in the context of the mission descriptions that they work under.Civilian Self-Defense is a whole different matter needing a different skill set and consisting of different scenarios.
           First and most importantly is the weapons used.You don't and can't carry an M4 or HK416 around in daily Civilian life.At best your allowed to carry a small handgun and it must be concealed and SEALs and other don't spend much time on drawing from concealment or even a whole lot of time training with Civilian CCW style handguns.And sometime you will have to defend without weapons at all.CCW is not allowed in Illinois,on airplanes or in Federal building as well as in many businesses etc.Secondly,SEALs operate in teams.You always have someone watching your back and each member has his own tasks he performs.In real-world Civvie self-defense,your on your own. Third,SEAL and other similar units generally operate in an offensive manner picking and choosing when & where the fight will take place.You are not normally afforded such luxuries and will have to fight from a defensive position against an attack that will likely be sudden and unexpected.
         Most of these concepts apply to the Military overall ,SWAT and much Police work as well although Law Enforcement has more in common with Civilian defense than does the Military. There are many gun-fighting schools and many Instructors teaching gunfighting & self-defense.Many of the Instructors are ex-Military and look at everything through that prism.They try and apply tactics from the battlefield and apply them to self-defense.They drill long-range gun-fight scenarios when civilian real-world self-defense situations usually take place at very close ranges.Handgun skills as well as Unarmed training is a prerequisite for the civilian whereas they are an afterthought for the Military.
          I think perhaps many of these Instructors actually do know the difference, but they have a business to run & need to keep signing students up for their courses teaching skills that Civilians interested in self-defense generally don't need.They will focus and 25 & 50 yard engagements with pistols & even farther distances with Rifles and Carbines.In what realistic legal scenario will these skills come in useful? They won't!  A self-defense situation will likely start and end at contact distances and be over quickly with it being resolved with violence or fleeing.There are exceptions,but they are just that rather than the rule and it makes sense to focus on what's 90-95% probably rather than the the 1-5%.