Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Arm Bar Escape

                    Some basic and straightforward info from Rob Pincus. I don't disagree with what he presented necessarily, but feel he is only presenting one side of the equation whereas there are a lot options although his topic is focusing on showing transition into a specific technique from a particular position.The possibility of evading,countering or nullifying the attack using stop-hits, jams, stiff-arms, grappling counters, movement and/or combinations of them  before he even has gotten ahold of you is in fact a real one especially for the well trained individual. I concur that often times you will be taken off-guard and acknowledge the realities of the startle/flinch response, but there are varying degrees of this and tremendous differences between individuals in their abilities(reflexes, proper technique selection response instinctual, reflexive or chosen depending on time frame i.e varying degrees of reflex & instinct, thought, picking & planning and consciousness or subconsciousness of action and reaction and their individual actual implementation, execution of and transition from S/F etc.) to use it effectively in their favor or be hindered by it negatively.Training can help everyone in this aspect although some will just naturally be better than others. Also, if one is tuned in and situational aware of one surroundings, the odds increase on his favor of thwarting the attack early. I do feel he is also underplaying the effectiveness of leveraging against head via cross-facing,chin press or forearm press applied to the jaw using the opposite overhook arm as a whizzer and rotating out giving you a lot of different options from there. Grabbing the hair & the jaw and rotating and even pressure directly applied against the face backwards applies tremendous that will free you up a great deal and allow progression into other techniques.And I would not discount the effect of digging into the eyes from this position nor the power of the legs in gaining leverage,position and striking and especially the knees for the same with an emphasis on striking .            
             Getting underhooks is not always the goal in these scenarios .I am assuming that Rob is perhaps operating from the context of being armed and protecting ones weapons by being under the their arms.This is true for the most part although there are many options available on both sides that need to be addressed and considered than just the simplistic goal of getting an underhooks although he is focusing in on a specific technique.A lot of good elements shown here though and even if you don't take it away as a whole,there are parts that you may take away.I really like his street worthy variation of the duck under and go behind/around or to the side as the case may be depending on intent and goal. He stays very well covered and in position to nullify any attempts to grab his head as well as staying in close and tight to prevent downward and rearward elbows.   

          I also see nearly unlimited potential of applying various of Compression Locks of the type of that Michael Janich has developed and incorporated into his system.

         Also don't overlook the basic headlock potential on both sides in these types of positions as throws and chokes are real possibilities from them.I'm referring to static positions as well as duck under transitions.Lots of good options grappling available from the over-under position as well. The specifics of what you will want to go to or use is very much an individual scenario specific dynamic and will differ from situation to situation. Again, Good info from Rob!